Marina & South America

Marina & South America

Marina & South America Price: USD 3,000.00


After Marina's summer season in Europe, she transitions to South America on a Transatlantic

crossing in November 2012 from Rome, Italy. Marina will sail from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Valparaiso, Chile for the first time. This Fjords and Wonders 17-day holiday voyage offers a variety of history, culture and natural beauty from the bicycle-friendly streets of Rio de Janeiro to the floating Northern Patagonian ice sheets of Puerto Chacabuco. Explore all South America has to offer in the comfort and intimacy of your home at sea, Marina.

Fjords and Wonders destinations:

São Paulo (Santos), Brazil; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Montevideo, Uruguay; Ushuaia, Argentina; Puerto Chacabuco, Chile & more.

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